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  From This...                
The materials needed for construction.
    Cutting out the pieces.    
  To This...                
  Now is the time to start building that model railroad empire you've always wanted! With the revolutionary and new RRinaBox System you can build that empire without the intimidation that often accompanies traditional layout construction and at almost half the cost!

You can build your RRinaBox from our plans in any scale (Z to O) and any size. It is an expandable modular system that grows according to your space and budget.

Using a simple set of plans affixed to sheets of foamcore (available from any art supply store), you build you're very own RRinaBox with simple tools and no wood-working skills.

After laminating the pre-printed patterns to sheets of foamcore, you'll cut out each of the layout's sections with a box cutter or x-acto blade then assemble and glue them together like a giant 3D puzzle.

    Place a few buildings...   Run the wires...      
Add the track, wire up the transformer then give it a quick test run. Use insulation spray foam (from a hardware or building supply store) to form mountains and hills, then add paint, ground cover, buildings and trees to finish off your RRinaBox.
Why is it called RRinaBox?
  Each half mirrors the other side allowing you to fold or "nest" the layout into the shape of a large box for easy, out-of-the-way storage.


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