Full-Size Patterns

Build layouts in any scale and any size!

Simple construction - build a complete layout in weekend!

Available Patterns

The 300 Series was designed to encourage the beginning model builder to embark on a first layout; however, over the years we have found that experienced model builders have enjoyed the ease and fun of RRinaBOX 300 Series. Track plans are designed for HO, N & Z Scales with designations on the patterns to show where specific track is to be placed. Most track brands can be used.

This is a joint project  between RRinaBOX, MTH and RAILKING ELECTRIC TRAINS to encourage the beginner to embark on a first layout. Track plans are designed for MTH RealTrax, with designations on the patterns to show where specific track is to be placed. Other track brands can be used with modifications--talk to a RRinaBOX personal layout consultant.  O-scale trains with O-31 standard curves work very well with the 500 Series.  This series is suitable for S-scale and On-30. 

By popular demand, Alley Friends Architects of Philadelphia have expanded their RRinaBOX layout design system and are introducing a brand new set of drawings that utilize Lionel  FasTrack. The final design for a typical 3 module layout includes a main loop utilizing O-36 FasTrack and 2 diverging loops  of O-31 FasTrack with one loop crossing over the other.  The center module uses O-48 FasTrack for gentle S-curves.

These track plans were developed with Kato USA, using their Unitrack system.  Other track brands can be used --talk to a RRinaBOX consultant for the necessary modifications.  The 200 Series can be used for N & Z scale.  As it is our smallest layout design and it is ideal for someone who is “space challenged”-- perfect for an apartment or resting on a coffee table. The 200 Kato Series best exemplifies the meaning of RRinaBOX–very portable and easily taken down and stored in a closet.  Its dimensions and lightweight even meet Amtrak’s carry-on requirements, so this layout really moves! They can be used with HO narrow gauge.