Marsh Owl QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE

Marsh Owl QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE



Marsh Owl

O Gauge—designed  for MTH RealTrax

Also accepts Lionel O-31 Tubular

Layout size:  4'0 x 6'0” x 1' 10”

Expands to  4'0” x 8'6”


In its short history,  MTH Electric Trains has developed a devoted following because of its high quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices.  The Marsh Owl QuickieLine Layout Kit exemplifies MTH's ideals—precision cut, well fitting pieces of industrial foam board help to keep the hobby affordable while building layouts the experts will be envious of. 


Full-size track templates painted on the surface show the modeler where to put each piece of RealTrax.  Modelers are even able to use O-42 diameter track on the outside loop for a realistic look. MTH, in its wisdom, uses  the same geometry as the classic Lionel O-31 tubular track—use this “old-timey” track on your Marsh Owl layout and put a Christmas tree in the middle for a classic holiday decoration.


RRinaBOX has enjoyed a long relationship with MTH—they have encouraged us from the beginning.  The Marsh Owl Layout Kit allows fans of MTH to show their good taste by running beautifully built trains on quality track with exquisite buildings on a layout that is easy, fun and economical to build. If realism in a toy train layout  is your thing, the Marsh Owl is the way to go.


 PART                     NUMBER OF PIECES


Bases                                    4

Profiles                                 16

Ribs                                      36

Horizontals                           14

Verticals                                13

2 Mountains                            8

5 Bridges:                              33

       1 Viaduct

       2 Trestles

       1 Girder

       1 Truss

Bolt assemblies:                      8

       1 bolt

       1 nut

       2 washers

3/16 x 3/16 Balsa                     16

Instruction Book                        1

1.5 hour Video Instruction         1

Scene Seam Tape                      5