Oriole QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE

Oriole QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE





3'4” x 5'4” x 1'1”

Expands to 3'4” x 8'0”


In its early years, Lionel Trains brought out a line of inexpensive track and trains that made model railroading affordable to everyone.  Many people today have boxes of O-27 track in their attics, and it can be bought very cheaply in hobby stores and at train shows.  The equipment and track radii was reduced in size to keep it affordable.  In the 1950's a boy living in Mineola New York was able to buy O-27 track and trains doing odd jobs around the neighborhood—that boy, Al Johnson, went on to co-found RRinaBOX 


The Oriole QuickieLine Kit allows fans of O-27 to put their track and trains on display on a compact, yet exciting layout with grade changes, 2 train operation with the 2 trains crossing over each other on the back side.  The Oriole has hand painted scenery on the mountains, grass area, water areas and the town with a park and fountain. These areas can stay as is or can be easily enhanced with basic scenery material and buildings (comes with instruction book & video to help you with this).


Re-live those simpler, halcyon days with the Oriole QuickieLine Kit.