Screech Owl QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE

Screech Owl QuickieLine Kit SHOW PRICE



Screech Owl QuickieLine Kit

S Scale

MTH and Lionel sectional track

American Flyer tubular

Layout size: 4'0” x 6'0” x 1'10”

Expands to: 4'0” x 8'0”


At long last, S scale is getting the attention it deserves.  In between HO and O gauges in size, S scale makes for beautiful, graceful curves in your Screech Owl layout.


 The Screech Owl QuickieLine Layout Kit is what S scalers have been asking us to design for years and is a boon to a too-long neglected part of the hobby.  The large standard radius (larger than any other scale) coupled with 2-rail realistic track (O gauge has 3 rails) on a Screech Owl layout simulates real trains more than any other scale.



The Screech Owl Kit is the fastest, easiest most economical way to get S scale trains up and running.  The Screech has 2 mountains with tunnels, 5 bridges, a water area with a dock-- bring coal from the small mountain via the viaduct, loop around twice coming down to the water area and drop off the coal into barge waiting at the dock!


The expansion modules in the Screech Owl Kit expand the layout to 8'6” an coupled with the smaller size of S means you can run a really long train! 


 PART                     NUMBER OF PIECES


Bases                                    4

Profiles                                 16

Ribs                                      36

Horizontals                           14

Verticals                                13

2 Mountains                            8

5 Bridges:                              33

       1 Viaduct

       2 Trestles

       1 Girder

       1 Truss

Bolt assemblies:                      8

       1 bolt

       1 nut

       2 washers

3/16 x 3/16 Balsa                     16

Instruction Book                        1

1.5 hour Video Instruction         1

Scene Seam Tape                      5