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1. What is foam board? 

Foam board, the material we use in our kits, has been around for decades and is used in a variety of ways. It is a layer of expanded styrene plastic encased in two layers of high strength paper. It is very strong when used in a structural configuration, like the ribs in our kits. 

2. How does RRinaBOX compare to other products?

Compared to other methods of layout construction, foam board is easier to use, lighter in weight, not messy (plaster) and does not require woodworking power tools (wood), nails or screws. It does not require hot knives or glue guns. Our kit only requires Elmer's Glue for fastening. All of the pieces are precut, saving time during the building process. 

3. How does the cost compare?

RRinaBOX kits are considerably less expensive than wood construction (no Home Depot trips needed). Plaster systems require wood framework and/or insulating board which are expensive materials. Preformed foam board shapes (Woodland Scenics) are good, but the cost adds up very quickly. For example, the inclines with RRinaBOX are included in the kit. 

4. How is it cut?

All of the kit components are cut with a CNC precision knife system. The components are in groups and are easily cut from the carrier sheet. 

5. How are the modules held together? 

We supply bout/assembled so that the modules can be joined together temporarily or permanently. The bouts are reached through 16 access panels. 

6. What is the support weight? 

Modules when assembled can hold up to 80 lbs because they are designed as a structure, not unlike a building. Therefore, they will support heavy trains, cars and other objects. 

7. How much does it weigh? 

The basic RRinaBOX kit weighs 15 pounds before adding track, trains and buildings. Scenery adds only a few pounds because it is made of foam, not plaster. 

8. Where do the wires go? 

The wires for the layout are hidden inside the structure. Numerous access panels in the modules make wiring easy- no crawling under the layout! You can also add your own. 

9. Scenaphobia

We have a cure for "scenaphobia" (fear of scenery). Much of the "scenery" is already done when the kit is assembled. The mountains are in place with tunnels. The river valley and town are formed. Major areas are in 5 colors. Track and bridges are defined. With the help of our video and a 10 page scenery guide, you add the textures, trees, rocks and whatever else you choose to model. 

10. What are the track plans? 

Yes there are track plans- 8 in all ranging from simple loops to maxtrax with 6 switches. Track lists are included. These plans are all easily engineered with the expansion module. You can customize the plans for your railroad theme. A note of caution: some people who want to build a layout wait until they have the perfect track plan- and, of course, never build anything! 

11 & 12. Which scale is for me and how do I weather buildings?

There are two basic kits, the Horned Owl for HO/N/Z scales (smaller trains) and the Long-Eared Owl for O/S/On30 scales (larger trains). Both systems have expansion modules for extra layout space. If you don't have trains already, go to a hobby store or train show and see what you like and buy a "starter set". 

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