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Expansion Kit 203 Modules GHI

Expansion Kit 203 Modules GHI

The GHI modules expand the width from 4' to 5'


Expanding the width of the 202/201 by 12" with the GHI expansions modules:

- Allows for the user of larger curves–perfect for passenger cars,  longer engines, and new gentle inclines.


- Provides 25% more real estate for buildings, sidings, scenery, etc.


- Make an 8i layout when added to the E/F.


- GHI can be added to existing LEO layouts with minimal changes to your track plan.


- Construction is identical to other RR modules.


- The viaduct to the. mine on the mountain has a more gentle grade


- Adds "Topsy Turveys" and a wiring chase! 


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