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Horned Owl Expansion Kit (102) SHOW PRICE

Horned Owl Expansion Kit (102) SHOW PRICE

Product number: 102

HO, N & Z Scales


One kit contains pieces for 2 modules (E & F), each module is 32" x 20"

E & F, when bolted, together is 32" X 40"


The Expansion Module Kit takes the The Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit from 5'4" to 8' long!


The E & F modules extend the 3 levels of the basic kit to provide more "real estate" for track, scenery and buildings.  The town area can now accommodate a turntable, or accessories such as a coal dump, logging cars or other industry machinery.  Multiple sidings can be added to store trains not in use to create a train yard.  


The water area on the F module comes with a beautiful 18" bridge.


Expansion modules can be purchased and built along with the Horned Owl Basic Kit or added later as your train and building collection grows.  If added later, the modules are designed to extend existing track without major changes.  The E&F modules are bolted in between the A/B and C/D modules of the Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit.  They can also can be easily removed if you wish to go back to the smaller layout.


The sky is the limit with the RRinaBOX QuickieLine building system.

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