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Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit (101)

Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit (101)

Product Number: 101

HO, N & Z Scales

Layout size:  5'4" x 3'4" x 1'1”

With expansion module: 8' x 3'4”

Click here to view the expansion module (102).

Click here for expansion module (103).


The Horned Owl QuickieLine Layout Kit was developed with the beginner in mind; however, experienced modelers have enjoyed the benefits of a kit that builds an entire layout that is easier, more economical and more fun than traditional methods and other layout building systems.  We designed the Horned Owl first in our QuickieLine series to accommodate the hobby's most popular scale—HO. 


The Horned Owl is designed to utilize the track found in train sets and the World's Greatest Hobby Track Pack (Bachmann and Atlas) to get trains up and running quickly!  Full-size track templates painted on the surface tell you exactly where each piece of track goes.  The Horned Owl kit builds a layout that is compact yet, as one of our customers put it “utilizes the vertical space”. 


While the full-size track templates show HO scale, The Horned Owl easily accepts N and Z scales.  In N scale the mountains turn into the Alps and there is enough space for double track on the main line to have 2 trains running side by side!


The light weight and modular system allow for quick storage and easy transport—take it to your local children's hospital and delight the kids.


With the expansion kit a module is added to the middle of the Horned Owl to make an 8' layout!


RRinaBOX layout features:

Precision cut components

Internal ribs and profiles for benchwork

Clearly identified ribs and profiles

2 train operation w/ interconnection

4 levels 

2 mountains w/ tunnels

4 bridges and a viaduct

Stream and waterfall

River w/ dock area

Horizontal surfaces are printed in color outlining a town, sidewalks and a park

Track locations are noted

Track radii and grades

8 track plans including “Trainset Special”, “Point to Point”, “MaxTracks” and Holiday Delight

Illustrated handbook

Video showing complete construction building/scenery

Profiles have professional looking geometry

A, B, C, D modules can be folded into a box for easy storage

Entire layout weighs 25 lbs. (light weight)

Kid friendly

Elmer glue


Kit Contents


PART                 NUMBER OF PIECES
Bases                                4
Profiles                            16
Ribs                                 15
Horizontals                      13
Verticals                           14
2 Mountains                       8
5 Bridges:                         34
        1 Viaduct
        2 Trestles
        1 Girder
        1 Truss
Bolt assemblies:                   8
        1 bolt
        1 nut
        2 washers
3/16 x 3/16 Balsa                16
Instruction book                    1
1.5 hour video instruction     1
Scenery seam tape               5
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