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Long-Eared Owl Expansion Kit

Long-Eared Owl Expansion Kit

Product Number: 202

O, S, On30 Scales


Expansion Kit contains pieces for 2 modules (E&F), each module is 30" x 24"

E&F, when bolted together, is 4'0" x 2'6"


The Long-Eared Owl Expansion Kit allows the modeler to build 8'6" x 4'0' layout.


The E&F modules extend the 3 levels of the  Long-Eared Owl layout and allows for longer track, more scenery and additional "real estate" for buildings.  The town area can now accommodate accessories such as a logging camp, mine or other industries with sidings.  There are 2 sidings on different levels that are positioned so an operating accessory (log car) can transfer its load from the upper to the lower.



The E&F modules is a favorite for modelers wanting Christmas layouts using Department 56 buildings.  The foamboard construction makes lighting the buildings easy for a magical winter scene.  The E&F modules are re-enforced with extra foamboard --in fact , the structure will support a full size Christmas tree!


The F module comes with a beautiful 18" bridge for trains to traverse the water area.


Expansion modules can be purchased and built along with the Long-Eared Owl Kit or added later.  If added later, the modules are designed to extend existing track without major changes.  The E&F modules are bolted  between the A/B and C/D modules.  They can also be easily removed if you wish to go back to the original sized Long Eared Owl.  The light weight and modular system make for easy storage or transport.

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