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QuickieLine Kit Intro

Click here for an expanded video tutorial.

Just Add Glue!

RRinaBOX introduces the world's first model railroad layout kit—the revolutionary QuickieLine Kit.

Designed by Alley Friends Architects of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the RRinaBOX QuickieLine Kit contains pre-cut, clearly identified foamboard pieces to build a 5'4” x 3'4” layout. Once the “basic structure” is built, the modeler adds track, trains, buildings and scenery.

For 13 years modelers have been building train layouts with foamboard (also called foamcore) utilizing RRinaBOX Full-Size Patterns. Since RRinaBOX introduced using foamboard for building an entire train layout, professional modelers have touted foamboard as the best material for layout building due to its strength, durability, lightweight and ease of use.

Now, the RRinaBOX QuickieLine Kits make model railroad layout building easier, faster, and more economical than ever. Designed to get kids and novices into the hobby, experienced modelers also have appreciated the advantages the QuickieLine Kits offer. The pieces when assembled—using Elmer's Glue—allow for two train operation on multiple levels with one train crossing over the other, four bridges, a viaduct, two mountains with tunnels and one with a waterfall. The internal ribs and the profiles on the outside create the “benchwork” for strength and structure. The horizontal pieces are in color and show a town area with streets, sidewalks and a park as well as a river with a dock.

There is designation for track in the green (grassy) areas. The detailed, illustrated instruction book provides 8 track plans. Track radii, grades and change in levels are all pre-determined from the cut pieces. Customers will have access to a 60+ minute instructional video.

So, Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, grab the kids, put down the video games and cell phones, and together build a model train layout you all will be proud of--NO trips to the hardware store --NO trips to the lumberyard for 2x4's or plywood—NO power tools—YES, with the RRinaBOX QuickieLine Kit modelers JUST ADD GLUE!

QuickieLine Kits


Horned Owl                                              5'4” x 3'4” Modules A&B               $349.00 + $35.00 Shipping

Horned Owl Expansion                         3'4” x 2'8” Module C                        $179.00 + $35.00 Shipping
(the A,B & C modules make a layout 8' long)

Oriole                                                      5'4” x 3'4” Modules A&B                $349.00 + $35.00 Shipping

Oriole Expansion                                   3'4” x 2'8” Module C                       $179.00 + $35.00 Shipping
(the A,B & C modules make a layout 8' long)

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Kit Contents

Benchwork (Structure) Parts


    2     Bases

   15    Ribs

    8     Profiles

    8     Pieces of pre-cut cover trim (balsa wood for the corners)

    2     Bolting assemblies (for joining modules)


Terrain for Track and Town Areas:


    9       Horizontals

   13      Verticals

    2       Make-a-Mountain Kits

    5       Build-a- Bridge Kits,


    *       SSTS (Scenery Seam Tape)--paper textures and graphics for stone walls,

            tunnel portals, bridge sides and viaduct stonework—to cover joints or

            exposed edges of foam board.

    *      Colored Paper swatches—same colors as printed on the foam board

           horizontals for matching hues or practicing design techniques



    1      Instruction Book—Covers all aspects of building your layout from assembly,

            laying track, successfully running trains, basic wiring to creating scenery

            using household, inexpensive materials.


    *      Access to 60-minute instructional video

​    *      Expert, personal advice through our website or phone.


O Gauge MTH and Tubular Track

Mallard                                                    5'4” x 4'0” Modules A&B                                              $TBA

Mallard Expansion                                    2'8” x 4'0” Module C                                                  $TBA

                                                (the A,B & C modules make a layout 8' long)

O Gauge Lionel FasTrack

Lark                                                         5'4” x 4'0” Modules A&B                                            $TBA

Lark Expansion                                       2'8” x 4'0” Module C                                                  $TBA
(the A,B & C modules make a layout 8' long)

S Gauge

Sparrow                                                5'4” x 4'0” Modules A&B                                               $TBA

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