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 QuickieLine Model Railroad Layout Kits 

RRinaBox Quickieline Kits are the best way to construct the foundation for your model railroading experience!

Setting the base for your creativity, Quickieline kits make model railroading fun, easy, and affordable!

Simple construction!

- No cutting, no wood, no hardware store.      Just add glue!

Engaging Family Fun!

- Teach and learn the concepts of math, physics, architecture, and construction.

Ultra-Portable, No Mansion Required!

-RRinaBox started in a small row home in Philadelphia, we believe lack of dedicated space should not come between you and your hobby.


-Our concept is simple, if it comes in a box, it should be able to return to that shape!

-RRinaBox is designed to be modular, transportable, and storable.

-The no mess solution to model railroading!

 Start BuildinG your world Today! 

Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit (101)

Horned Owl QuickieLine Kit (101)




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