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Long-Eared Owl QuickieLine Kit (201)

Long-Eared Owl QuickieLine Kit (201)

Product Number: 201

O, S, On30 Scales

Layout size: 6'0” x 4'0" x 1' 10”

Expands to 8'6” x 4'0"

Click here to view the expansion module 202

Click here for 203


* All Long-Eared Owl QuickieLine Kits' shipping rates include an additional UPS added handling surcharge ($20+) for oversize parcels. 


* Delivery time for the Long-Eared Owl QuickieLine Kits is 1-4 weeks.  We will send an estimated shipping date when ordered.


Full-size track templates painted on the surface tells the builder exactly where each piece of track goes.  The Long-Eared Owl utilizes all the track in train sets, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Steam Engine Freights' on its lower loop-- get trains up and running in a jif.


The Long-Eared Owl accomodates accessories to create industries like a mining or timber outfit or use the Milking system.  The expansion modules turn the Long-Eared Owl into a 4x8 layout and also has a “secret siding” for which the dump cars work beautifully--impress your friends with how clever you are! 


The Long-Eared Owl has 2 moutains with tunnels, 5 bridges including a viaduct to the smaller mountain—maybe for a trolley to visit Santa at the North Pole!


RRinaBOX layout features:

Precision cut components

Internal ribs and profiles for benchwork

Clearly identified ribs and profiles

2 train operation w/ interconnection

4 levels 

2 mountains w/ tunnels

4 bridges and a viaduct

Stream and waterfall

River w/ dock area

Horizontal surfaces are printed in color outlining a town, sidewalks and a park

Track locations are noted

Track radii and grades

8 track plans including “Trainset Special”, “Point to Point”, “MaxTracks” and Holiday Delight

Illustrated handbook

Video showing complete construction building/scenery

Profiles have professional looking geometry

A, B, C, D modules can be folded into a box for easy storage

Entire layout weighs 25 lbs. (light weight)

Kid friendly

Elmer glue



Kit Contents


 PART                     NUMBER OF PIECES


Bases                                    4

Profiles                                 16

Ribs                                      36

Horizontals                           14

Verticals                                13

2 Mountains                            8

5 Bridges:                              33

       1 Viaduct

       2 Trestles

       1 Girder

       1 Truss

Bolt assemblies:                      8

       1 bolt

       1 nut

       2 washers

3/16 x 3/16 Balsa                     16

Instruction Book                        1

1.5 hour Video Instruction         1

Scene Seam Tape                      5

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